Three Words

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you.  Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live only as you can. – Neil Gaiman

Given that I was completely short-changed in the attention span department it comes as a complete surprise to anyone who knows me that I can organise to the nth degree and manage, for the most part, to keep all aspects of my life ticking over nicely.

Okay, so in order to do this I sometimes need massive amounts of elbow grease, an industrial sized shoe horn and a fine tail wind but I found that by building life around three words – Vitality, Process and Design, it does at least give a good framework within which to live, and helps in curtailing too many flights of fancy into the impractical and downright bizarre.


I actually don’t have the staying power to engage in a strict regime of constant healthy living so maintaining vitality for me is completely hit and miss, although I have arrived at the point where there are slightly more hits – most of the time …

I hate, nay loathe with my very being, any form of exercise but guess what?  It happens to be essential and I gave in a long time ago to the fact that I have one of two choices – be a lazy couch potato or at least do enough to keep myself in good working order.  I reluctantly chose the latter and have actually reached the point where I incorporate it into my life – most of the time …

I like to have a potter and pooch around current trends for healthy body and healthy mind, and try to adapt those that tug at my interest.  I can’t say that a whole load of them do but at least I make an attempt most of the time …, some of the time …, for random periods that could quite legitimately be classed as a rather tiny amount of the time …

I think it’s hard enough living without having to throw in the growth and vitality bit, but I’ve probably got it more than slightly sussed so that I eat a little better, waylay bad habits, introduce good ones, generate ideas to declutter my oft overloaded mind and engage in activities to bring calm and, most importantly, make me whole, feel a bit better than I felt before, again.

I’ve absolutely no idea whether my rather lackadaisical, occasionally interspersed with a little va va voom, approach to a moderately healthy and happy life will appeal to you but you will be able to explore my thoughts on the subject right here!


I love to dream and over the years such dreams have made me see my future as a famous author, the Prime Minister and even married to a millionaire.  I was also going to add thin and beautiful to this list but that, in retrospect, would be more of a miracle so let’s just stick to dreams for the time being.  Of course, none of my wildest imaginings have come true so far, for which I’m sure at least the world of literature and, indeed, the country can be thankful.

There is nothing better than letting forth in the sheer unpredictability of dreaming, with such moments of reverie being the perfect antidote to a stressful, crazy and frenetic life.  However, as I found out the hard way, there does need to be a good balance between exhilarating flights of fancy and the taming of some with techniques to ease the forward path – simply put, to dream and do and not simply dream, and dream, and dream …


Creative habit is ingrained in my soul, so much so that it is a part of me and has had a massive impact on the past decade or so of my life.  For me, creative work and play is the ultimate alchemy and I would dread the day that I could no longer view this world as a place so full of endless possibilities – where I can take an idea and turn it into something of my making, or capture transient flits and fancies and make them tangible.

There is no other area of my life where I can take myself off to a quiet corner and be a writer for a few hours, or sit in a studio and fashion stained glass windows, engage in calligraphy or even book binding – I so rejoice in the limitless spectrum that is a creative attitude.

A creative life is the perfect remedy to the restrictions placed on us in our everyday lives and getting started needn’t be difficult because all we need to do is imagine and create …

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