Don’t try to figure out what other people want to hear from you; figure out what you have to say. It’s the one and only thing you have to offer. – Barbara Kingsolver

I believe that words can bring joy, sorrow, ecstasy or misery; be used as weapons or an artistic tool; create beauty and ugliness in equal measure; be tribal or independent and, most importantly to me, paint a picture on paper or in my mind.

One of my most favourite fonts, used frequently for drafting when I’m feeling a tad spiky, is Rage Italic, which furious little devil twins rather nicely with my favourite word – ‘apoplectic’ – I’ve had many a brief flirtation with others but always return to this angry little cuss!

I don’t know where I would be without words – whether writing or reading them – they have been my friend, my teacher, my comfort and my absolute delight.  I have been pottering around penmanship for over forty years and am not beyond making words up to suit something I am writing.  It should also be said that my manuscriptical misbehaviour has probably sent Mrs. Westow, my late, much loved and so sorely missed English teacher, into a celestial spin for all eternity.

Words have set me off on many an adventure though not all of them could be described as practical – I was once convinced that I could be the next PD James until (somewhat grindingly slowly …) it dawned on me that I had neither the talent or determination to come even close.  The shattering of my wordy dream nearly caused me to close the door on creative writing until I discovered that it isn’t just about fiction but any form of writing where you can add uniqueness to the process.  In short, where you can display your individuality, thoughts, feelings, ideas or emotions in an imaginative way.

The roots of my creative life have come from writing and I’ve reached the point where the creative aspect is invaluable to me – adding a zing to my coaching sessions, peps up my copywriting and enables me to be a bit jazzier in my role as a mentor.

So if you have never tried to write creatively or are simply stuck at the ‘I’m going to be the next ….’ stage, please join me in wandering around some ideas to add a little individuality to your scribbly pokery.

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