Darned Apostrophe t’s Inferno!

Change ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ and pretty soon you will say ‘I did’.


I should really be doing … – Can’t Be Bothered

I should make some plans … – Can’t Be Bothered

I should eat less … – Can’t Be Bothered

I should drink less … – Can’t Be Bothered

I should get help … – Can’t Be Bothered

Do you know what the root cause of all the above is?  That darned apostrophe ‘t’ – the nasty little devil. To put it succinctly, if you are going to be successful in any enterprise, and especially anything creative, then you need to lose the ‘t! After all, creativity is based very much on a positive mind-set and the need to be open to as many ideas as possible, to which a can do attitude is an essential component.

Now we all know that it’s far easier to inhabit a negative can’t do mind-set than to actually start being positive and say that you can do – but start you must.  Grindingly slowly maybe, but start all the same and bring more ‘can’ into your life.

The irony is, of course, that can’t actually can!  By adopting a can’t do attitude you will find that it can make your life thoroughly mundane, it can mean every day is dreary beyond belief, it can ensure that you stay well and truly stuck in a deep rut of sameness and, worst of all, it can absolutely send you further and further down into a pit of despair and misery, every bit as unpleasant as anything Dante created.

Ultimately, you have one of two choices – stay where you are or start to clamber out of your pain filled pit.

BUT before you can do that, more than a little honesty is required of you – and this is a point I remember only too well.  It is a simple fact that all the best dreams and plans will come to absolutely nothing if, ‘t or no ‘t – you are just plain lazy!

If you are such a person, are quite happy being lazy, indeed you absolutely rejoice in sitting around and doing very little, then there is absolutely no point in kidding yourself that the future is going to be any different.

That’s not a ticking off by yours truly – you are, after all, perfectly entitled to be lazy because it is your life and not mine, but if you are going to expend what little energy you do have splashing around in Lake Bone Idle, please don’t utter any complaints when others whiz past you, doing a fine breast stroke and showing you a clean pair of heels.  However, if you are lazy, know you are but want to do something about it – then read on!

I’m perfectly aware how harsh it may feel to be labelled ‘Lazy’ or ‘Bone Idle’ and I am really not sitting in judgement of anyone who is so inclined – I used to be Head Girl in the School of Can’t Be Bothered, with my particular forte being lounging on the sofa stuffing food down my throat.  You are welcome to read a little more about my food fuelled furnace in Darned Cream Tea’s Inferno.

Of course, you may well have other names for your inactivity but here is a definition of laziness that I found, and rather like –

Laziness is a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability …

Firstly, let me say that if you have a perfectly valid reason for your lack of activity and exertion then you are not lazy.  By valid reason I mean such things as problematical medical or personal issues.  If these do not apply, then you have disinclination by the bucket load and are indeed on the laziness spectrum.

Oh, I know we are capable of bandying about such words as lack of motivation, willpower and the like and, yes, they may well be what you consider the reason to be, but if you have done, quite frankly, bugger all to foster motivation or willpower then you are (guess what?) lazy!

I often run workshops for those wanting to start a small business endeavour and still find it absolutely bizarre that I send them off with bits and bobs that they need to have completed in time for our next session, only to find that they arrive having done little or nothing of what was required.  How on earth do they expect to run a business with the hard work that entails?  Not surprisingly, I have to waste a few minutes of the session talking about disinclination and the ‘L’ word!

I’ve probably now hammered the message home and done the state of ‘laziness’ to death – so let’s have another look at the above definition for something more positive – I’m sure you’ve jumped right on it – yep, ‘ability.’  Of course, there are varying levels of it but everyone has it – I promise you!

You may think that it will be hard to find yours but it isn’t, and the very first step is actually starting and then stopping – starting to say ‘Can’ and stopping the ‘Can’t’.

Have a little think about some of the times you have said ‘can’t’ when you could or should have said ‘can’.  Maybe jot down a list of all of those which cause you the most regret, then pick one and start the process of removing the ‘t – today!

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