The Mind is the most capricious of insects – flitting, fluttering. – Virginia Woolf

I think there will always be a small part of my heart that will never heal because I didn’t marry Donny, but junior school gave way to senior school, with new experiences and great opportunities to become the bane of my teachers’ lives …

At the end of my first year of senior school, my careers teacher wrote this in my school report –

‘Melanie has expressed a strong desire to become a spy, and before we dismiss this seemingly wild notion out of hand completely, I should say that, given her propensity to be at the centre of every imaginable scrape, coupled with her uncanny ability to extricate herself entirely unscathed, it is my firm belief that this could well be a career opportunity that has flown in on the wings of angels, and a match truly made in purest heaven ……’

At the end of my second year my wish to engage the ‘Dark Arts’ in the service of my country gave way to this comment by my physics teacher to my mother, at the school open evening –

I understand Melanie wants to become a vet, for which I have tried to make clear to her that she will need all three science subjects.  I have also tried to drum home that I would stand more chance of winning the Miss World Contest that she has of passing physics O’ Level …

And the reason I can recall his words in such detail is that my mother has never allowed me to forget them …

In my third year I wanted to join the army as to which, funnily enough, not one teacher tried to dissuade me due, I suspect, to the consensus that army discipline would be the making of me.

The fourth and fifth years passed in a haze of being in love with my beloved Goth boyfriend and his pet rat (excepting, naturally, the small piece of me that still belonged to Donny …).

Mercifully for all my teachers I didn’t stay on to do the sixth form, so can only leave it for you to ponder what great career aspirations could have been discarded by the wayside.

Looking back, I can see the roots of today’s rampant contrariness, so I’m guessing that the quote above will explain the butterfly illustration – I’m most definitely a flitter and flutterer and, as you will see here, such tendencies needn’t preclude you from a creative life – in fact, very little can.

Butterflies represent transformation – which is what creativity can do for you.  It can take the mundane and make it come alive, give you skills you had never considered, develop the life you dream about and, best of all – you don’t necessarily have to be any good at physics …


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