It sounds Mickey Mouse, but …

We make our decisions, and then our decisions turn around and make us. 
F.W. Boreham

I am afflicted with POOMO, which I have invented to explain my behaviour, and is the weapons grade class of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  POOMO is a Pathological Obsession Of Missing Out …

And there is a very good reason it starts with ‘POO’ – because it drops a big pile of crap on any form of decision-making process.  I should know as (‘Total shock!’ – said absolutely no one) I am fickle beyond belief and have the attention span of a gnat on crack – a fact I trot out very frequently to explain the twenty year black hole of my life, where I did so very much but achieved so very little.

I have, however, now reached the point where my capabilities are (very roughly / rougher than a badger’s arsely …) sixty percent total focus and commitment / forty percent away with the fairies / meandering the highways of life’s imponderables.

I should stress that even this is a wholly movable feast and quite likely dependent on the moon’s lunar cycle / conjunction of the rest of the planets in the universe / life on Mars …

In mitigation, I am now reasonably successful, and pack a helluva lot into my sixty percent, for two incredibly good reasons –

  1. I’m hurtling towards sixty, so time is running out …
  2. I need to as I have no idea when Tinkerbell et al will come a callin’ …

Apart from the POO laden plight, my other stumbling blocks are an insatiable need to delve into practically everything, and a complete inability to arrive at the ‘Right’ decision in a timely manner / any darned manner at all …

I probably sound as if I am making light of it, but it has been / and still is a lot of the time, the complete and utter bolloxy-bane of my life.  I know we are all entitled to change our minds but mine changes so frequently I have almost lost it on many occasions.

Creativity is great but it gives me too much of a feast of ideas and inspirations that I like to slurp, chomp and nibble at possibilities – a bit like getting to grips with a fine wine (when you actually know what fine wine tastes like) or savour a tasty morsel (provided it’s not too much cake …).

I’m never going to change – and that’s not being defeatist here, I have made massive efforts to control all my flights of fancy, but the be-winged little buggers have won every single time.  I also have the grey hairs to prove that statement.

I’m also not exaggerating. The jobs I have had also attest to my skittish behaviour – among many others too numerous to mention – I’ve been a roadie (although this was a result of running away because my mother had chosen a husband for me to settle down with – but that’s a whole other story …), worked in a Zoo, a factory putting the jam into doughnuts, another factory putting the eggs into gala pies, assistant to a bishop and a medical examiner (not at the same time but I bet there’s a joke to be found in there somewhere), and I even tried turkey farming, which was totally destined to failure because I hadn’t taken into account getting attached to each and every one of them and giving them names …

So, you see – a huge chunk of my life has been taken up with a DEFCON 5 level caprice – I’m not overly proud of it but I suppose at the end of my life I can say I tried (just about everything …).

I even took advice as to how I should get myself together and was told to ‘Work With What I Have Already Got!’ – which depressed the hell out of me because I had a lot but nothing at all – if you get my drift?

It did eventually dawn that it was down to me to try and find something that would allow me to have my little jaunts into fairyland (and beyond …), but keep me perhaps a little focused on maybe one thing at a time.

Being a wanderer and ponderer, I have come across many decision-making and brainstorming tools, but the three I love and use more than any others are Six Hats Thinking, The Disney Method and SCAMPER.

Which I call –

The Problem Solver

The Dreamer; and

The Storm Maker

My favourite by far is the Six Hats, which I am covering in my next post.  I will get around to banging on about the other two – possibly when there is a fine conjunction of the planets or life is discovered on Mars – whichever is the sooner, I guess.  Nah, I will be quicker than that – unless I spot something far more interesting …

Naturally, there is nothing on this earth that could ever get me together completely, but I have found that these three help me to focus and think things through in a clearer and more practical way – which means that I spend a little less time with them there fairies.

… most of the time.

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